How Root Canals Save Teeth

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How Root Canals Save Teeth

You may cringe at the thought of having a root canal. But the truth is, this dental procedure is effective and not at all painful as many people believe. Therefore, you might want to reconsider how you think about it. 

Anesthesia ensures that you experience little or no pain during a root canal. What's more, root canals can actually save your tooth from having to be extracted. 

At VaraniSmile in Turlock, California, general dentist Antoine Varani and our team of dental care providers are experts at providing root canals. We invite you to read on to learn about how root canals could help save your teeth.

A tooth-saving procedure

A root canal is a dental procedure that removes the pulp from a damaged tooth.

Dr. Varani may recommend a root canal if you have a tooth that is severely damaged or cracked, has a cavity that is too deep to be filled, or has a severe infection that can't be successfully treated with medication.

When Dr. Varani removes your tooth's pulp during a root canal, he takes out the nerves that cause pain and discomfort within the tooth. He cleans and disinfects the canals, and then fills the canals with a compound called "gutta-percha" to protect the tooth from reinfection.

Fortunately, your tooth can remain in your mouth long-term without its nerve and pulp. After your root canal, your tooth looks normal and is fully functional for chewing.

What to expect

A root canal requires two visits. During your first appointment, Dr. Varani examines and X-rays your tooth. He numbs your mouth with anesthesia injections and performs your root canal. Then, he places a temporary crown on the tooth.

You come back for a second visit a few weeks later. At that time, Dr. Varani removes your temporary crown and replaces it with a permanent crown that has been custom-made for you.

A root canal is an excellent way to treat and repair a significant tooth problem without having to remove the tooth. With proper care — daily brushing and flossing and regular dental cleanings and check-ups — your root canal and permanent crown can last the rest of your life. By having a root canal, you can save your tooth and avoid an extraction.

Schedule your root canal evaluation

The care providers at VaraniSmile invite you to make an appointment for a root canal consultation. We evaluate your teeth and recommend a personalized care plan that best suits your dental needs. Call us at (209) 248-6659 or use our easy online booking form.