Why is Teeth Whitening So Popular?

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Why is Teeth Whitening So Popular?

While committing to an excellent oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing is essential to maintaining a stunning smile, many people still find their smile to be lackluster. One of the main cosmetic dentistry treatments our patients visit Varani Smile for is teeth whitening in Turlock. It seems that everyone wants whiter teeth. Even so, why is teeth whitening such a popular treatment?

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Without a doubt, whiter teeth help individuals smile with confidence and ease, and this is perhaps the number one reason why teeth whitening is such a sought-after treatment. Teeth whitening is quick and painless and offers immediate results when done with the supervision of a dentist near you. This makes it appealing to those who desire quick results and a short amount of time in the dental chair. Furthermore, when compared to other cosmetic dentistry treatments, teeth whitening tends to be inexpensive, long-lasting, and non-invasive.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

With all of its benefits, it is easy to see how teeth whitening near you has grown in popularity. But why is it necessary in the first place? What causes teeth to become stained and dull?

Your teeth are made of many layers. The outer layer of the tooth is referred to as the enamel, and the color of your teeth is generated by the reflection of light off of this layer, paired with the color of the layer of dentin underneath. Everyone has varying degrees of thickness when it comes to their enamel, and thin enamel shows more of the color of the dentin underneath, playing a role in how white teeth appear.

Additionally, the pores in your enamel absorb colors from the foods and beverages that you ingest each day. Therefore, darker colors remain in the pores, resulting in tooth staining and discoloration. Specifically, beverages such as red wine, tea, coffee, and soda cause stains on teeth. Other factors that may cause tooth staining include smoking, poor oral hygiene, and natural aging.

What is the Teeth Whitening Process?

When you visit Varani Smile for professional teeth whitening, the process will take about one hour. Our dentist in Turlock will begin by applying a rubber guard over your gums and lips to ensure that they remain protected from the whitening gel. They will then apply the professional-grade whitening gel to your teeth and shine them under a curing light that activates the bleaching agent in this gel for 15 minutes at a time. This process will be repeated 4-5 times until you reach your desired shade.

Most of the time, professional teeth whitening will last you up to six months as long as you are conscious of the beverages and foods you ingest and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine. If you would like, you can ask our dentist about take-home whitening kits to use for touch-ups.

Visit Varani Smile

If you are tired of looking in the mirror and not seeing a sparkling, radiant smile looking back at you, then you may be interested in jumping on the bandwagon and indulging in teeth whitening treatment. If you would like to learn more about how teeth whitening can benefit you and get started on the smile transformation process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of dedicated dental professionals at Varani Smile.